Are you looking for just the right rub rail to finish your pleasure boat, yacht, or mega yacht? Tessilmare’s high-quality products, Sphaera and Binox, will protect your mid-to-high-end marine vessel from the effects of exposure to sun, wind, and waves. Best of all, these patented products were developed with your specific needs in mind.

Sphaera Stainless Steel Rub Rails

Sphaera gives you several installation options, depending on the specific look you want to achieve. For example, you can:

  • Fit the rub rail directly to your boat
  • Attach it to a durable PVC base

If you are interested in a Sphaera stainless steel rub rail for boat with the PVC base, you can choose between a “standard” and a “slim” option. No matter which one you ultimately decide on, you will be getting an economical yet highly durable semi-rigid rub rail. Sphaera’s Duralene core gives it flexibility, making it easy to wrap around the hull of your vessel. You can bend it around the hull’s angles without creating any kinks in the metal rail. Once you have finished placing the PVC base in place with tape, simply place the pre-drilled stainless steel bars on top. Stainless steel screws are used to hold the steel bars in place. Installation is quick and convenient. No special tools are required. Use Tessilmare’s stainless steel end caps to finish the
look and give your vessel a neat, polished appearance.

Binox Rub Rail

What if you are looking for a streamlined look for your boat or yacht? Do you find the look of stainless steel screw heads a distraction to the aesthetic appeal of beautifully-designed stainless steel rub rails? Binox is just the thing you are looking for. This model is pressure-fitted without using screws, leaving a clean, flat surface after installation. Available in your choice of three base colors (White, Black, and Grey), you can customize the look to suit your boat or yacht perfectly.

Custom Measurements to Suit your Vessel

Tessilmare products are easy to assemble and install. We carry prestigious designs that will give any vessel an upscale appearance. You can also be assured that you will get the right size for your boat or yacht since we offer custom measurements to ensure that you will get the proper fit. To find out more about the Sphaera or Binox rub rail, or any of our products, contact us today. You can also order a catalog, or reach out to one of our friendly worldwide distributors for assistance.