Fender Profiles

Are you looking for just the right fender profile in stainless steel to finish your pleasure boat, yacht, or mega yacht? Tessilmare’s high-quality products, Sphaera and Binox, will protect your mid-to-high-end marine vessel from the effects of exposure to sun, wind, and waves. Best of all, these patented products were developed with your specific needs in mind.

On this page, you will find the best rubrails at the most competitive prices. Our covers protect your boat, yacht or mega yacht from scratches during docking and while sailing. Tessilmare products are distinguished by their design, resistance, practicality and quality. In particular, stainless steel profiles are the smartest choice for those looking for an aesthetically pleasing product, thanks to their mirror-like surface and long life. Easy to install on the hull, they can be mounted with a PVC base which makes them flexible, semi-rigid and suitable for any need. Their presence guarantees lasting protection and gives a touch of elegance to any boat.

Stainless steel fender profiles

Tessilmare offers two models: SPHAERA and Binox, both perfect for installing on your boat. SPHAERA fender profile ranges in size from normal to slimmer to accommodate your needs in terms of protection and aesthetics. It consists of a Duralene interior which makes it flexible and easy to install around the boat. Binox rubrail, which do not require any screws, is composed of a PVC base and a stainless steel insert, a very high-quality production that guarantees exceptional durability at an affordable price.