Boat Fender Profiles: why every boat should mount them

Fender profiles in the marine industry have always been important for multiple reasons. What are their purposes? Follow this guide to answer these questions.

What are Fender Profiles

A fender profile is a rail that attaches to the outermost edges of the boat. It is installed where there is the junction between deck and hull, on the edges, or on the bathing platform which is usually present on the back of boats with inboard engines.

Fender Profiles: why every boat or yacht should mount them

Fender profiles help the boat in many different tasks.
As is commonly known, their main task is to protect the boat hull from the damage resulting from contact with other boats or dock pilings, piers, and moorings, avoiding scratches and scuffs.
In the construction of the boat, there is a point where the hull and the deck meet and, for aesthetic reasons, it must be covered. This is where the fender profile comes into play. Not only it covers the production imperfections but also gives a perfect finish to the boat line.
Lastly, it would not seem, but the profile also helps to block the water that would otherwise end up on the deck.

Types of Fender Profiles

Here in Tessilmare, for over 75 years we have specialized in manufacturing all kinds of fender profiles. From PVC to stainless-steel ones. We are currently on the market with 5 different patented profiles: BINOX, SPHӔRA, RADIAL, BINO and BUMPER. All of them are easy-to-install, very resistant and designed for a specific purpose.