Tessilmare’s Rub Rails Product Lines for yachts, boats, ships, or docks

Tessilmare has four unique and versatile Boat Rub Rail, perfect for every marine application and scenario. It doesn’t matter how large or small your vessel or yacht is, Tessilmare has a Rub Rail replacement to suit it. Tessilmare is a family-owned and operated company located in Italy. We have been specializing in Rub Rails since 1947. We understand what it is that our clients, want and expect when it comes to the highest-quality marine Rub Rails and bumpers.

Our range of four innovative Rub Rails includes the Sphaera, Radial, Bumper, and Bino. When you compare our range of Rub Rails with others available, they just blow the competition away! Why would you purchase low-quality, when you can get high-quality, attractive, and durable Rub Rails from Tessilmare? Industry leaders in marine applications.