High-quality fender profiles for boats, vessels, yachts, and docks

Boat Rub Rail New TechnologyFor over fifteen years Tessilmare has been improving on its high-quality fender profiles for boats, vessels, yachts, and docks. Our experienced team of designers and engineers have been perfecting our fender profiles to ensure that you get a high-quality product that not only looks great but functions flawlessly.
In the past many fender technologies only focused on different shapes and sizes, losing sight of one of the key aspects of fender design, the engineering and technical aspects of fenders. The engineering team at Tessilmare chose to focus on 4/5 lines which are adapted to suit boats from two meters all the way up to fifty meters.
Tessilmare has designed a revolutionary product which is currently being used on vessels, yachts, docks, marinas, and boats all around the world.
Our fenders are built to withstand the worst weather that mother nature can throw at them.

We have been focusing on several key engineering and design areas:

  • Reducing the fitting, installation and replacement time of Tessilmare fenders by up to 50% saving time, money and energy.
  • Reducing the difficulty of bending and shaping Tessilmare fenders on acute shapes and angles, making them perfect for any vessel or yacht no matter what the shape is.
  • You can now bend stainless steel directly onto the vessel which drastically reduces the costs associated with shipping spare parts.
  • We have reduced the overall weight of our fenders. This means less weight on the vessel and better fuel economy.
    Because of the weight reduction on fenders, Tessilmare products are now perfectly suited to lightweight electric boats.
  • The new special patents on Tessilmare RubRail fenders mean that they have excellent shock absorbing properties.

If you would like to learn more about our RubRail and fenders, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Our specialist team is standing by and more than happy to assist you.

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