QBE is the latest innovation from Tessilmare: A brand-new square shaped heavy duty rub rail, ideal for both boxed and sandwich junctions boats.

Its innovative design gives QBE a high protection against shocks and makes it suitable for recreational, commercial and military boats.

Thanks to its PATENTED two-piece design, it can be easily bent. It is custom-cut to avoid waste and allow an easy installation, avoiding junctions. Once the base is fixed to the boat, the top can be simply pressure fixed.

No screws and/or rivets can be seen and/or damage boats in case of impacts.

The PVC material by which Qbe is made, will not leave any trace of its color on the other surfaces.

Qbe’s modularity allows to replace one of the two parts over time, indistinctly.

Qbe has a contemporary style and a seamless look.