Why and how to Replace Boat Rub Rails

Rub Rails are very useful for protecting the boat hull from the damage resulting from contact with other boats, docks, or piers but you must be careful: they do not last forever!

Too many shocks can ruin the rub rail in certain parts and since no one wants to have imperfections on its boat, the best thing to do in these cases, is to change it.

But how? Who can do this work? How much time and efforts are required?

Depending on the situation, you can ask help to a refitting service company or do the job by yourself.

There are in fact many enthusiastic boaters out there that love to get their hands on their boat.

We at Tessilmare think also about them and for this reason every time we design a rub rail, we do it in a way that is easy to install and replace. Thus, if you want to substitute your rub rail with one of ours, perfect! you will have no issues at all. And if you already use a Tessilmare rub rail, even better!

In our product range, certainly the easiest rub rails to replace are Radial, Bino and Sphaera.

How to change Radial Rub Rail

Radial is the perfect PVC rub rail to replace. Being made up of two parts, a rigid track and a soft PVC profile mounted on top, in case the profile is damaged or scratched, there is no need to replace both parts. The rigid track can remain attached to the boat so you can only change the soft profile.
Radial is extremely easy and quick to install because the PVC profile does not even require pre-heating to be mounted on the tracks.

Download Radial fitting steps

How to change radial rub rails

How to change BINO rub rail
Bino rub rail replacement

How to change BINO Rub Rail

BINO is a patented PVC rub rail composed by two pieces: a base and an insert pressured fitted on top.
Among our products, BINO is for sure the most versatile one: on pleasure boats, military boats, work boats, wharves and docks are just few examples of the many possible utilization of this product.
This is due especially for its incredible flexibility and its resistance to impacts.
Being formed by a base and an insert, it often happens that only the upper part is damaged.
In these cases, it is enough to replace only half of it.

Download BINO fitting steps

How to change Sphaera Rub Rail

Sphaera is a rub rail in Stainless Steel. This incredible product is one of the most innovative in the market since it combines high technical performance with design.
This patented Rub Rail has several easy and fast installation options, to suit a large variety of different applications: you can choose to fit it directly to your boat or with an extremely strong and durable PVC base, which is available both in a standard and slim version.
The S/S profile features a Duralene core to guarantee its adaptability to the boat hull. It can be easily bent around hull angles without creating kinks in the metal.
Also in this case, following a collision with another boat or with a dock, if a bar is twisted or damaged, it is not necessary to remove the entire profile of the boat but only to replace the bar in question. To fix the profile, just unscrew the two joint caps at the end and replace the piece.

Download Sphaera fitting steps

How to change Sphaera rub rails

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