Dock Edge Bumper BINO 65

Dock Edge Bumper BINO 65


Are you looking for the right bumper profile for your jetty, dock or pier? Do you need the right solution for protecting your boat while docking? A dock edge bumper from Tessilmare is the best high-quality product for your needs.

Built with marine grade flexible PVC that doesn’t chip or crack with normal usage and unaffected by oil, gas, or saltwater, dock edge bumpers guarantee excellent resistance and durability. Thanks to the UV inhibitors they prevent yellowing and deterioration from sunlight and any weather condition too.

Why choosing a Tessilmare dock edge bumper

Operating in the marine industry for almost a century and with exclusive worldwide patents, Tessilmare is a worldwide leader in the production of dock and bumper profiles. The company’s wide range of docking solutions provides the ultimate in heavy impact protection in any nautical application.

A dock edge bumper from Tessilmare offers many benefits:

  1. Higher impact protection for both your boat and dock;
  2. Superb shock absorption qualities;
  3. Non-marking of the hull of your boat;
  4. Lifetime warranty;
  5. Easy care, almost no-maintenance and easy cleaning just with liquid soap and brush.

In addition, all the dock edge bumpers from Tessilmare are modular, which means that in case of high-impact damage, you don’t need to replace the entire system but just the single part of the module, considerably reducing time and cost of replacement of the damaged parts.

A wide variety of marine applications

Ideal for military, commercial applications and tenders, the Tessilmare dock and bumper profiles are perfect for a wide variety of marine applications. Providing shock absorbing systems with a very low friction coefficient, the boat slides without any abrasion phenomena and without producing any noise.

In the Tessilmare’s extensive variety of shapes and sizes you’ll surely find the perfect combination for your dock bumpers: browse through our web-site and e-shop to find your protection solution.

Boat with BINO 65

Boat with BINO 65

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