Rubber Boat Bumpers BUMPER 150

Rubber Boat Bumpers BUMPER 150


Protecting your boat hull from scrapes and damage while docking is essential in any nautical situation. To do this you can make do with common rubber boat bumpers or you can choose the excellence, durability and the highest level of protection for your boat and dock offered by Tessilmare.

Since 1947 Tessilmare has been bringing the best nautical products with a wide array of first-quality boat rub rails and dock and bumper profiles. With products entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, it specializes in producing an exceptionally high standard of nautical accessories with special patented profiles to provide an excellent product, perfect in every detail and dimension.

The many benefits of Tessilmare’s bumpers

Instead of common low-quality rubber boat bumpers, Tessilmare produces boat bumpers made in a durable and long lasting marine PVC material, which allows the rub rails to be strong and stable on all vessels or docks, also offering many other advantages.

The use of PVC for nautical use allow boat bumpers to:

  • Be UV-rays resistant, able to stand also extreme temperatures without fading or cracking;
  • Not to leave marks or scratches on your boat;
  • Be considerable more stable and able to guarantee and zero-wear in time;
  • Be able to absorb high-impacts;
  • Be sturdy and strong, fit also any type of boat or dock;
  • Have a very low friction coefficient.

Innovative boat bumpers perfect for every boat

Tessilmare makes available a range of innovative boat bumpers, including five different patented models: Sphaera, Radial, Bumper, Bino and Binox, newly released.

At your disposal Sphaera, built in stainless-steel, light yet resistant, flexible and low-cost; the revolutionary Radial, which is cold fitted and installed with just three simple steps; Bino and Bumper, especially fit for commercial and military boats, which stand out for their modularity that grants fitting and replacement ease; last but not least Binox, the first stainless-steel fender profile without screws, exceptionally strong and lightweight.

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