Bumper 100: boat dock corner bumpers

Bumper 100: boat dock corner bumpers


Boat dock corner bumpers are a good way to protect your vessels at the same time protecting the corner and top of your dock or jetty. The bumper system avoids impacts between dock and boat with the bumpers made in PVC for nautical use that will not transfer color to the hull.

With a wide product range of dock and bumper profiles all built for long life and durability and an experience in the industry of almost one century, Tessilmare is a worldwide leader for marine applications.

Design and innovation

The boat dock corner bumpers from Tessilmare are designed to mate with any situation, either metal or wooden docks. They are easily mounted and easily replaced: all the Tessilmare dock and bumper products are modular, which means you can change single damaged parts instead of changing the whole system, this way significantly reducing time and cost of any replacement.

The Tessilmare selection of dock bumper solutions comes with two products: Bino and Bumper, very sturdy profiles combining impact resistance, beauty, innovation and convenience.

Bino and Bumper’s features

Perfect for all marine environments, for docks, wharves, and much more, Bino and Bumper are both perfect as boat dock corner bumpers.

A very strong but lightweight profile, BINO can be used in all docks and piers. It’s a two-piece patented profile that can be easily bent and cover up unsightly screws and seams. Available in custom cut sections, it can be ordered in three different sizes: 40, 65 and 90 mms. Bino also comes with two attractive end caps, giving you a beautiful finish and seamless appearance.

BUMPER has a patented triple structured in PVC with nautical use and wide inner air gaps that creates a unique impact absorption. Its three-piece design allows easy installation and helps cover all unaesthetic screws and fastenings. It is available in custom-cut sections and different sizes from 100 to 160 mms.

Boat with BUMPER 100

Boat with BUMPER 100

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