How to choose the right Boat Rub Rail

What Boat Rub rail Do

Boat rub rails act as a cushion between a boat and a dock or another boat and prevent damage to your boat hull.

Among the various types (Center rope tube, flat, round, two-eye cylindrical, transom mounted, low freeboard, V-shaped Freedom, Pontoon) there are also the fender profiles, also known as Rub Rails.

These rub rails are the first protection for the boat’s outermost parts, they cover the junction between deck and hull, and they also perform an aesthetic function, outlining the best line for the boat.

How to choose them

The choice of the best rub rail depends above all on the aesthetics of the boat, on its size and on the junction between deck and hull that most of the time is flat or boxed.

Tessilmare rub rails are designed to work on both flat and box junction boats thanks to the options of bases with lip.

Here an example of one of our products with the two base options:

BINO 90 flat base

BINO 90 flat base

BINO 90 base with lip

BINO 90 base with lip

Tessilmare rub rails sizes

Tessilmare revolutionized the world of rub-rails bringing to the market 5 patented and unique products: SPHӔRA, BINOX, RADIAL, BINO and BUMPER. All of them are easy-to-install, very resistant and designed for a specific purpose. Each of them is available in 3 different colors (black, grey and white) and in different sizes:

BINOX (Stainless Steel Bars): 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm

SPHAERA (Stainless Steel Bars): 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm

RADIAL: 30 mm, 40 mm, 52 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm

BINO: 40 mm, 65 mm, 90 mm

BUMPER: 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 160 mm

What size is the best choice for my boat?

The question at this point can still be “what is the right rub rail size for my boat?“, which shall be answered in this paragraph.

Our profiles are very versatile but, based on our experience, below we suggest some appropriate measures to choose according to the length of the boat:

>16 feet30 mm, 40 mm40 mm
16 – 32 feet25 mm, 35 mm25 mm, 35 mm40 mm, 52 mm
32 – 45 feet35 mm, 50 mm35 mm, 50 mm52 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm65 mm, 90 mm100 mm
> 45 feet50 mm, 65 mm50 mm, 65 mm80 mm90 mm100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 160 mm

Are Tessilmare’s rub rails suitable for my boat?

Our Rub Rails can be installed on any boat depending on the desired aesthetics but of course, products in elegant 316 L Stainless Steel such as Sphaera and Binox are best suited for luxury boats whereas Radial for leisure boats and Bino and Bumper are more appropriate for commercial boats.

Moreover, Bino and bumper are suitable also for swimming platforms, and dock/pier protection: discover their multiple types of use through our article ‘Boat Dock Corner Bumpers‘.

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