Advanced marine fender systems for every scenario

Tessilmare has five unique and versatile Rub Rails, perfect for every marine application and scenario. It doesn’t matter how large or small your vessel or yacht is, Tessilmare has a Rub Rail to suit it. Tessilmare is a family-owned and operated company located in Italy.

We have been specializing in Rub Rails since 1947. We understand what it is that our clients, want and expect when it comes to the highest-quality marine fenders and bumpers. Our range of five innovative Rub Rails includes the Sphaera, Radial, Bino, Bumper, and Binox.

Tessilmare Rub Rails are designed to work on both flat, and box junction boats. We understand that over 90% of vessels utilize these systems and have designed our range of Rub Rails to work flawlessly. With durable and long lasting Marine PVC construction, your Rub Rails will look fantastic and be strong and sturdy on all yachts, boats, ships, or docks.

All the Rub Rails at Tessilmare offer clients a unique feature that is sure to please!

Tessilmare’s marine fenders


This amazing rub rail is very easy to manipulate and bend and is ideal for concealing screws and flawless seams.


Another one of our fantastic boat profiles is the Radial. The Radial profile is easy to install. The Radial is quickly and easily installed with three simple steps. This is almost 70% less installation time than almost all the competition!


If you’re looking for a Rub Rail with high-strength and extremely low weight, then you need to check out the Bumper profile! The Bumper profile gives you an extremely lightweight frame combined with almost unparalleled strength.


Our best-selling Rub Rail without a doubt would have to be the Sphaera! This Rub Rail has an all-around list of excellent attributes. The Rub Rail provides customers with a high-level of flexibility, convenience, and strength.


In 2018 we launched the BINOX, not comparable at all. Binox is absolute unique, the first stainless steel profile pressure fitted without screws!

The most innovative part of the Tessilmare Rub Rails is their fitting time. Through our innovative fitting process, you’ll save much more time than conventional Rub Rails, saving you valuable costs associated with fitting and dry-docking. You can fit any of the Tessilmare Rub Rails directly onto your boat or dock, no messing around and no hassles! With less weight than other Rub Rails and added shock absorption and strength, you won’t be disappointed.

Boat Fenders are to boats what bumpers are to automobiles

Protective barriers designed to absorb the shock of minor impacts to protect the chassis — or, in the case of watercraft, the hull. With many boat designs, the rubrail also serves as a cosmetic cover to the joint and helps seal the seam between the hull and deck cap.

Because boats bump things like docks and pilings on a regular basis, two-piece rubrails are offered on most boats, and include a sacrificial insert strip intended to take the brunt of the bumps and abrasion. The strip can be replaced if and when it’s worn or damaged to the point that it can’t do its job or starts to show its age. Usually the insert is made of a forgiving vinyl PVC material that is more flexible than the rubrail that secures it around the boat’s perimeter, and it’s designed to fit into a channel along the center of the rubrail.

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