Rubber dock bumpers BUMPER 100

Rubber dock bumpers BUMPER 100


Are you searching for the right rubber dock bumpers? Are you looking for a solution to protect your dock, jetty or pier at the same time protecting boats in the best possible way? Dock bumpers are great for any nautical facility, offering extra protection to defend against accidents and normal wear and tear.

When you need to protect your docks, the dock bumpers from Tessilmare can help a lot. Contrary to common dock bumpers, which are made of rubber, Tessilmare provides high-quality dock and bumper profiles in PVC, a specially formulated marine PVC material that won’t break down over extended periods of time.

Why PVC is better than rubber

Choosing a dock bumper made in PVC for nautical use, that won’t degrade or fade over time, is a guarantee of long-life and durability, resistance and excellent performance, considerably higher than rubber dock bumpers. The boat slides without any abrasion and without producing any noise.

Many are benefits offered by dock bumpers in PVC material. They:

  • are UV-rays resistant, therefore can stand also extreme temperature without fading;
  • don’t leave marks or scratches on boats;
  • offer a higher stability and zero-wear in time;
  • can also absorb high-impacts;
  • are strong and also fit for a commercial dock or pier with a high-frequency of visitors;
  • have a very low friction coefficient.

Bino and Bumper dock bumpers

Tessilmare, worldwide leader in the production of dock and bumpers profiles, comes with two different products: the patented Bino and Bumper. Contrary to rubber dock bumpers, they are very robust profiles that, being modular, can be easily replaced.

If you are looking for heavy duty boat dock bumpers, take a look at our products and contact us for further information.

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