Large Boat Rub Rails and Large Boat Dock Bumpers

Tessilmare knows that boats, yachts, and workboats come in various sizes, ranging from small pleasure crafts, large vessels equipped for commercial or military purposes. We have the large boat & yacht rub rails and giant boat bumpers our customers want and need.

Large Boat Rub Rails

Customers who own a larger watercraft will want to protect their investment from potential damage that may be caused while she is not in use. If the boat bumps against her mooring or the dock, it can lead to scrapes in the hull. These are unsightly and they can prove expensive to repair.
Our BINOX 25 RubRail is offered with a 40 mm PVC frame. It is finished with a 25 mm stainless steel inlay. The inlay is pressure-fitted directly onto the frame, creating a sleek look that sets off any large maritime vessel to perfection.
The Bumper product line has been produced to the highest quality and is highly durable. All our models can be counted on to perform well in extreme conditions (merciless waves, high winds, pounding rain, brilliant sunlight, variable temperature changes, etc.), even on big boats. They are excellent choices for military and commercial boats and can be placed on a dock or wharf. Our big boat fender can even be installed vertically on a dock pole!

Large Boat Dock Bumpers

Tessilmare takes pride in using only the very best materials in manufacturing its large vessel boat bumpers. Our products are compatible with any boat on the water since the installation process for our extra large boat bumpers doesn’t vary from vessel to vessel. Tessilmare keeps it simple so that our customers can get back out on the water quickly.
The best feature of all is that Tessilmare’s products are interchangeable. Our valued customers can use PVC and INOX on the same boat, motorboat, or yacht if they wish. They can create a look that suits them and their vessel while keeping her safe and looking pristine while she is in the dock.
Tessilmare products have been designed and manufactured with the needs of large boat owners in mind. Our expert team of engineers considers our customers’ needs every step of the way, from the initial concept through to the product leaving our facility.
To learn more about our large boat rails or other fine products, contact us directly. You can also request a catalog or find out where to buy our products worldwide.

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