100% stronger than traditional dock and bumper protection systems

Dock rub rails are produced in pvc with a very low friction coefficient. Your boat will slide without any abrasion phenomena and without producing any noise. This special marine raw material doesn’t mark as instead the rubber does due to a specific shore and shape.

Commercial and private dock installation is very easy with our systems, you can chose between different colors and a continuous roll or cuts in a specific length.

Our Systems are made in 2 PVC profile modules and a stainless steel pre-drilled bar. The two Dock Rub Rail parts have to unrolled, the lower module will be drilled on the dock using the stainless steel bar, the top closing module will be simple pressed with a rubber hammer into the base module, so simple, no interruptions.

Our high-quality Marine PVC material won’t break down over extended periods of time. You won’t need to worry about water damage or fading from the sun.

All the Tessilmare dock and bumper products are modular

This means that in the case of any high-impact damage, you won’t need to replace the entire system. You can change or interchange each part of the module, significantly reducing the cost of any replacement or damaged parts.

Operating in the marine industry for almost a century, Tessilmare has been producing bumpers, dock protection, and rub rails for marine applications that withstand the rigors of mother nature. Through storms and long exposure to sun, wind, and rough seas, you can rest assured that

  • your boat,
  • yacht, or
  • dock

will not only be protected but looks as good as the day you bought it.

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