The 40mm Bino Rub Rail doesn’t have the stainless-steel bar inside it like the 65mm, and 90mm models. This means that when it comes time to fit, you’ll save a considerable amount of time. It’s also a much more affordable model for the boaters that are limited to a smaller budget. Quicker to fit and lower costs.

Bino Rub Rail 40 is perfect for all marine environments, on small boats and sailing boats, docks, wharves, and much more.

The 40mm Bino Rub Rail offers users and installers a much more flexible option on installation. Without the stainless-steel bar, the 40mm Bino Rub Rail is flexible and bendable on three axes with acute angles. You can bend the 40mm Bino Rub Rail from the outside through to the inside, the inside to the outside, and up and down. This allows you to follow the shape of the boat in any direction.

The Bino 40m Rub Rail comes manufactured in two separate pieces. It has a soft and flexible base piece that can be drilled directly onto the boat, and attached with either screws or rivets. The top piece then covers the screws or rivets, leaving a pleasing appearance with no screws or rivets showing. Aesthetically, the Bino 40mm looks fantastic! You don’t see any attachment to the boat, at the same time having two parts which allow it to bend it easily on all angles. You don’t have any junctions or joints, and you can always substitute either part of the Rub Rail if you need to.

The Bino 40mm Rub Rail is made from high-quality PVC, perfect for all marine environments. It won’t become discolored, or faded over time from the sun or water. It is also extremely durable, with a high-resistance to abrasion and cutting. The Bino 40mm Rub Rail is also Non-Marking! You can purchase the Bino 40mm in custom made sizes, or continuous rolls to fit whatever lengths you need. This means less waste, lower costs, and a better looking finished product. The Bino Rub Rails also comes with two attractive end caps, giving you a beautiful finish and seamless appearance.

  • The Bino Rub Rail comes manufactured in two separate pieces,produced in custom made size or continuous rolls to fit whatever lenghs you need
  • Available in three colors: white-black-grey
  • PVC for marine application 83 shore available in black – white- grey

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    Art.: 130-115-001BINO H 40 series 2 pieces40 mm – 1′ 9/16846 g/m – 29 oz/ydcoil12 m / 39’white-black-grey
    Art.: 130-500-510Inox End capsingle1 pieceinox