Boat Bumper Rail Bumper 125

Boat Bumper Rail BUMPER 125


Dock bumpers provide added protection to your boat and are ideal for slips and marinas with high winds or strong currents. Adjustable and very resistant, boat dock bumpers should protect against violent shocks and bumps, made with a material able to cope with strong solar rays, high and low temperatures.

Tessilmare, which has been operating in the marine industry for almost a century, designs and produces a wide range of bumpers for dock protection. Available in various sizes, types and colors, the boat dock bumpers from Tessilmare are extruded and not printed, with design solutions that guarantee the highest protection level.

Why PVC and not rubber

The Tessilmare dock fenders are not made with rubber: they are exclusively extruded with PVC for nautical use. PVC is highly used thanks to its application versatility, flexibility and modeling possibilities: contrary to rubber, it guarantees resistance and stability against sun rays and extreme temperatures.

In case of contact or bump, a dock bumper made of PVC doesn’t leave the usual horrible black stripes on boats. Available in various colors, boat dock bumpers are recommended in the white version, very elegant and easy to clean with just a wipe of acetone.

The Tessilmare high-quality marine PVC bumpers – all made in Italy – are built for long life and durability, counting on a lifelong warranty.

The right solution for your dock

The boat dock bumpers produced by Tessilmare are perfect for a wide variety of marine applications, from military marine to commercial facilities, tenders and anywhere where you want to protect two surfaces from rubbing together and damaging each other.

All the Tessilmare dock and bumper products are modular which means you don’t need to replace the entire bumper system in case of high-impact damage: you can just change one part of the module, this way reducing the cost of replacement and of damaged parts.

Boat with BUMPER 125

Boat with BUMPER 125

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