Edge of dock BINO 90

Edge of dock BINO 90


With the innovation of high quality materials resistant to harsh environmental conditions and high traffic, the demand for modern docking solutions has considerably grown. Nowadays it’s essential to provide your dock with the right guard for its own protection but for the protection of vessels too.

Looking for a solution to protect the edge of your dock Tessilmare, recognized all over the world as leading manufacturer of boat rub rails and dock and bumper profiles, comes with a cutting-edge range of docking and protection products, all made in Italy, that perfectly fit to any dock, wharf or jetty.

Tessilmare dock dumpers: stability and resistance

Available in various sizes and dimensions, the dock and protection fenders from Tessilmare are extruded in PVC for nautical use, a special material able to stand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions which is UV ray resistant too.

What’s more, this special marine PVC material grants no markings or scratches on your boat, something which is instead very common when you protect the edge of your dock with traditional low-quality dock fenders.

The Tessilmare bumper profiles are able to absorb high-impacts, preventing damage from careless users too. They can adapt to any situation, also to docks or piers with a high-frequency of visitors or inclement weather.

Bino and Bumper: the best docking solutions

The Tessilmare bumpers specially fit for docking solutions are  Bino and Bumper, both great for commercial and military marine applications, to protect the edge of dock or any two surfaces from rubbing together and damaging each other.

  • BINO is a very strong yet lightweight profile with an innovative design; it’s a two-piece patented fender can be easily bent and can cover up unsightly screws and seams. Its inner air gaps creates a very good impact absorption, making it very strong and resistant over time.
  • BUMPER is the perfect alliance between lightweight and durability. With its patented triple structured PVC composition and wide inner air gaps, it creates a remarkable impact absorption. Thanks to its modularity it is very easy to install.
Boat with BINO 90

Boat with BINO 90

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