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Boat Dock Bumper Solutions: Bino 40

Boat Dock Bumper Solutions: Bino 40


Do you need an excellent impact protection system for both your boat and dock? Boat dock bumpers are the ideal solutions for protecting valuable watercraft from damage.

Investing in high-quality dock bumpers prevents scratches and damages as your boat bumps into docks as well as provides greater resistance and durability over time. From salty marine environments to lake storms, the UV-resistant dock bumpers from Tessilmare are able to protect your boat or vessel from all-weather rigors in any situation.

Tessilmare’s guarantee of protection

Worldwide leader in the marine industry, born in Italy in 1947, Tessilmare produces dock and bumpers profiles for dock protection and for any marine application. Thanks to the use of high-quality marine PVC, all the Tessilmare products are conceived and built for long life and durability.

All products are covered by international patents which grant excellence, exclusivity and safety, and which allow to provide boat dock bumper solutions combining high-impact strength with elegance and good value.

A boat docking system with many benefits

Durable enough to provide protection for virtually any boat size, choosing a boat dock bumper solution from Tessilmare provides you with many benefits:

  • Simple docking: the dock bumpers are easily and quickly installed this way reducing time and costs;
  • Simple replacement: dock and bumper products are modular, which means that in the case of high-impact damage you can change or interchange just a single part of the module;
  • Safety of docking for users: they make docking and boarding safer;
  • Safety of docking for boats: they protect boats from bumping and hitting;
  • Strong weather protection: they resist also with strong weather conditions (heat, rain, storms)

The boat dock bumper solutions from Tessilmare come with the  Bino and Bumper modular option: made in a specially formulated marine PVC material, they offer high resistance to abrasion and don’t mark your dock or boat.

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