Protect your boat or yacht from damage

Operating in the marine industry for almost a century, Tessilmare has been producing bumpers, dock protection, and rub rails for marine applications that withstand the rigors of mother nature. Through storms and long exposure to sun, wind, and rough seas, you can rest assured that your boat, yacht, or dock will not only be protected but looks as good as the day you bought it!

All the products at Tessilmare are built for long life and durability. We use high-quality Marine PVC material that won’t degrade or fade over time. Our range of docks and bumpers can absorb high-impacts, protecting your boat or yacht from damage. They also help to protect your dock or pier from damage from careless users. If you’re operating a dock or pier that has a high-frequency of visitors or inclement weather, the Tessilmare dock and bumpers would be perfect.