One of our most popular ranges of Rub Rails is the Radial. The high-quality, durable, and attractive Patented Radial Rub Rail is perfect for all marine environments, on yachts, sailing boats, motorboats, docks, wharves, and much more!

Unlike many of our its competitors, Tessilmare Rub Rails can be bought in easy to install custom lengths. This cuts down on waste and reduces costs. With its soft and seamless inserts and custom lengths, Radial Rub Rails by Tessilmare is the number one choice for all marine installations.

The Radial Rub Rails are available in two easy to install, and budget friendly, matching joint and end cap options. You can choose from either the convenient PVC style or the elegant and luxurious finish stainless-steel finish. It doesn’t matter which finish you prefer, Tessilmare has a style and option to suit every boat, yacht, or marine situation. Rub Rails feature seamless installation, custom cut lengths, easy to repair, and fast refit. With no preheating required, you’ll be glad that you went with the world’s leader in Rub Rails!

  • The Radial Rub Rail comes manufactured in two separate pieces,a soft external Marine PVC profile and a PVC rigid bar inside, produced in custom made size or continuous rolls to fit whatever lenghs you need.
  • Available in three colors: white-black-grey
  • Soft PVC for marine application 83 shore available in black – white- grey
  • Rigid PVC bar Mad in Duralene 100%

Request information

    Art.: 130-141-022Soft profile Radial 6580 mm – 3-1/8″1180 g/m – 38 oz/ydcoil24 m / 78’white-black-grey
    Art.: 130-141-021Track Radial 6580 mm – 3-1/8″530 g/mt – 17 oz/ydbundle24 m / 78’black
    Art.: 130-500-530Stainless steel end capsingle1 piece
    Art.: 130-500-620Stainless steel top capsingle1 piece
    Art.: 130-500-030PVC End capsingle1 piecewhite-black-grey
    Art.: 130-500-330PVC End capsingle1 piecewhite-black-grey