QBE 90

Qbe Rub Rail 90 is perfect for every marine environments, on pleasure boats, commercial boats, military boats, and much more.

Thanks to its revolutionary design Qbe Heavy Duty Rub Rail is ideal for both boxed and sandwich junction boats.

The 90 mm Qbe Rub Rail comes manufactured in two separate pieces offering users and installers a much more flexible option on installation.

The soft and flexible base can be easily fixed on the boat with either screws or rivets.

The Qbe 90 Rub Rails feature pre-drilled steel bars that allow for simple and fast installation. It is strongly recommended when protection is a key element to consider since it helps strengthen the rub rail structure.

After the base is set, the top profile is pressure fitted on top, covering entirely the screws/rivets, leaving a pleasing appearance. To better handle the two rolls is suggested to pre-heat them in an industrial oven at low temperatures or by leaving them in a warm room for few hours just before the installation process.

Aesthetically, the Qbe 90 looks great ! You don’t see any attachment to the boat, at the same time having two parts which allow it to bend it easily on many different angles. You don’t have any junctions or joints, and you can always substitute either part of the Rub Rail if you need to.

The Qbe 90 mm Rub Rail is made from high-quality PVC, perfect for all marine environments. It won’t become discolored, or faded over time from the sun or water. It is also extremely durable, with a high-resistance to abrasion and cutting.

The PVC used for manufacturing Qbe 90 mm Rub Rail is also non-marking! You can purchase the Qbe 90 mm in custom made sizes, or continuous rolls to fit whatever lengths you need. This means less waste, lower costs, and a better looking finished product. The Qbe Rub Rails also comes with attractive end caps, giving you a beautiful finish and seamless appearance.

  • The Qbe Rub Rail comes manufactured in two separate pieces, produced in custom made size or continuous rolls to fit whatever lenghs you need
  • Available in four colors: white – black – grey – orange
  • PVC for marine application 83 shore available in black – white- grey – orange
  • Stainless Steel pre-drilled insert bars in 2 meters

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    Art.: 130-120-010QBE H 90 series 2 pieces100 mm – 3-7/8”4100 g/m – 132 oz/ydcoil24 m / 78’white-black-grey
    Art.: 130-500-103PVC End capsingle1 piecewhite-black-grey