Boat Bumper Rail BUMPER 125 B (boat dock parts)

Boat Bumper Rail BUMPER 125 B


Interested in purchasing boat dock parts? Looking for bumpers to protect your boat or dock? Besides boat rub rails Tessilmare makes available a wide array of bumper profiles for docks, jetties and landing places. With Tessilmare – worldwide leader for all your marine boat dock parts needs – you can find the right solution if you are looking for a way to protect your boat and dock.

With almost one century of experience in the nautical industry, Tessilmare boasts first-quality products especially conceived to absorb high-impacts and protect your dock or pier from damage or careless users.

The best boat dock parts on the market

All the Tessilmare’s boat dock parts are constructed with marine grade flexible PVC that won’t chip or crank under normal usage, which stays unaffected by salt water, oil or gas. Resistant to UV rays, hot and cold temperatures and any extreme environmental condition, PVC for nautical use grants long life and durability.

What’s more, this kind of PVC prevents marking and scratches on your boat, thus guaranteeing no more unsightly rub marks or lines on either the dock or the vessel.

Tessilmare offers the best line of PVC bumpers available on the market today, entirely designed and made in Italy.

Bino and Bumper: the best solution for your dock

Bino and Bumper are the special profiles from Tessilmare fit for finishing docks and piers. They combine beauty and practicality with a high impact resistance. Both are very sturdy and can be easily replaced in just a few quick steps.

All the dock and bumper profiles from Tessilmare are covered by original innovative patents which totally revolutionized the world of traditional bumpers.

Find out the best in quality boat dock parts on our web-site: browse our wide range of dock solutions and buy directly online thanks to our eShop.

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