BUMPER 160: floating dock parts

BUMPER 160: floating dock parts


Your dock is an essential element since is where your boating experience begins. Protecting and enhancing your dock is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your vessels and watercraft. That’s the reason why Tessilmare has always paid great attention on dock and bumper profiles.

Are you searching for floating dock parts and solutions to protect your dock or jetty? Tessilmare, with an experience of almost one century, first-quality products and original patents, is an internationally renowned leader in the nautical world. Its wide selection of solutions is ideal also in the case of floating dock parts.

Why choosing Tessilmare to protect your dock

The Tessilmare’s production of dock and bumper profiles is conceived to survive the elements and keep both your boat and dock in excellent condition. With its bumpers, dock protection and rub rails for marine applications you can make sure to protect your boat or yacht through storms and long exposure to sun, wind, and rough seas.

Tessilmare stands out internationally for its excellent choice of products, all manufactured and designed in Italy, with innovative, cutting-edge materials and technologies. All products are covered by international exclusive patents and have a lifetime warranty.

Long life and durability for your dock

Bino and Bumper are the modular options offered by Tessilmare for the protection of docks: built in a specially formulated marine PVC material, they both offer extreme resistance to abrasion, almost no maintenance and don’t mark your dock or boat. Being modular in case of high-impact damage, you don’t need to replace the entire bumper but just the single damaged module, this way reducing time and cost of replacement of the damaged parts.

Don’t’ look any further: whether you are looking to add a boat dock protection or other floating dock parts, Tessilmare has the right solution for any your needs.

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